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    Writing a Thesis

    Writing A Thesis will be valuable for all students from a variety of disciplines facing the task of organizing and writing a thesis. The paired terms ‘organizing and writing’ are used deliberately to emphasize the point that the task of writing a thesis, even one of three hundred pages, is straightforward if you know you have something to say. ‘Organizing’ refers to that difficult task of getting started and having a coherent view of why you are saying what you are saying. That is why this book refers to it being ‘an intellectual approach’ to thesis writing and to distinguish it from those books that adopt a mechanical approach.

    Those in the latter category spend far too much time stressing the areas that students least need, such as ‘have a good filing system’, ‘ensure good lighting over your desk’ and so on! Apart from its focus on the intellectual approach – the area students most need – Writing A Thesis will be valuable because it is brief and compact, cross disciplinary and contains numerous instructive diagrams.

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    Understanding Research

    Research is a task normally associated with academics and scientists. But we all undertake research in our everyday lives. From a freelance journalist learning about an unfamiliar topic to people checking their health symptoms with Dr Google, we gather evidence and analyze the results before making an informed decision.

    So how can the untrained researcher feel confident that their findings are accurate?

    Frank Lewins answers this question in his book, Understanding Research:
    A Guide. As a Professor of Sociology with thirty years in academia and nine published books under his belt, Frank believes that “confidence and competence comes mainly from understanding the issues embedded in the research process rather than training in its technique”

    This book will benefit both beginner and seasoned researchers.

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    About Frank Lewins

    Frank Lewins brings to Writing a Thesis and Understanding Research: A Guide, his considerable research experience and know how. As a former Professor of Sociology at The Australian National University with thirty years teaching and research experience, combined with publishing ten books and studying and working in seven universities in Australia (Melbourne U; La Trobe U;  Canberra U; ANU), Canada (McMaster U; Carleton U) and China (Beijing U), he provides an easy to read exploration of writing and research methodology that is relevant to the sciences, social sciences and the humanities.