About Us

At Search Know More we are a team that have gathered our knowledge and expertise from a lifetime of varied experiences to provide you with a range of engaging, informative, educational and useful digital resources. The added value we provide is in the ‘human’ approach we have taken to including the thoughts, insight and narrative of the actual authors or creators who have developed them.

John Hartley

Highly media-savvy, John has been actively involved in the media industry for over 40 years, holding various production positions and senior management roles in ABC Television around the country.

John has been a business manager of a dedicated team at a highly respected specialist medical clinic, which provided cardiac, diabetic, obese and indigenous patients with tailored clinical rehabilitation, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

After also managing a small business, John is now keen to assist small business ventures of all kinds to create and secure the maximum benefit from their creative effort.

Maurice Todman

With over 30 years experience in TV/video production and post-production, Maurice is an award winning director/editor, who combined these skills in a start-up company founded in 2000. This company was one of the first of its kind, to combine interactive and web design with video production and compression.

Maurice has watched the increased frequency of the visual medium on platforms other than television, not only as a form of entertainment, and understands its importance as a selling tool and value as an educational tool.